Paisley the Cat (heypais) wrote,
Paisley the Cat

The Biter

Blue Mouse is the best trainer around.

Did you see you can pre-order a Best Picture Nominee Theatre mini-comic? Guess which movie will win Best Picture and if you're right, your comic is free!

Hey Pais Best Picture Nominee Theatre!

Previously: Black Swan (Black Mouse)
The Kids Are All Right (The Kitten's All Right)
127 Hours (127 Minutes)
The King's Speech (The Kitten's Speech)
Winter's Bone (Winter's Bowl)

Today: The Fighter (The Biter)

Still to come:
The Social Network
Toy Story 3
True Grit
Tags: bpnt2011, comic, journal, jump rope, me, montage, pais, road work, speedbag, the biter, the fighter, training, training montage
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