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Announcement: Hey Pais Best Picture Nominee Theatre MINI-COMIC up for pre-order!

Hello, friends! Some news!

I plan to make a mini-comic out of the 2011 Best Picture Nominee Theatre comics. It will be at least 20 pages, maybe 24--I'm working on some extras to put in there for you! It will definitely include all ten Best Picture Nominee Theatre comics from 2011, and the cover will look like this:

That is not the greatest photo ever taken, but I lit it funny so you could see the shimmery gold paper! It's very pretty.

I'm going to put these up for pre-order now, and they will ship the second week of March. But to make things exciting: a contest!

Pre-order the mini-comic here and guess which movie will win Best Picture! If you're right, I'll refund your money and you'll get the book for FREE

Where do you live?
What will win Best Picture?

The pre-order will be open until Saturday night, and on Sunday night you can watch the Oscars to find out if you won! I'll post here about it, too. If you don't want to enter the contest, or if you prefer to see all the comics before you buy, don't worry. I'll put these up for sale in my Etsy shop when I have them all printed.

I think this will be really fun! Good luck with your guesses!
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